Article: Z-Edge Dash Cams: The Best Options For 2017 and Beyond

Zero Edge (Z-Edge) Technology is undoubtedly the best dashboard camera manufacturer right now. With over 8 different models under its belt, the company installs some of the most innovative features ever seen in dash cams.

Having one of these in your car will keep you looking forward to the next drive, even if it’s just a trip to the grocery store.

Why Z-Edge Dash Cams?

The US-based company edges other dash cam manufacturers because of its high-quality, customer-oriented products and services. Every single dash cam is a work of art that has so much to offer. Here are some reasons why Z-Edge dash cams are the best:

Z-Edge Z3 3″ Dashboard CameraAuto-recording: every Z-Edge camera starts recording automatically when you switch your car on and stops when your car’s ignition goes off. You can turn this feature on/off any time you wish.

HD recording and display: the lowest resolution that you can get with a Z-Edge dash cam is 1080P. Plus you get to view that footage on a high definition LCD display. Note that each model has a timer on the LCD. You can set it to turn off automatically if you want to save your car’s battery power.

Audio recording: all Z-Edge cameras record audio together with video. You may need both in case of an accident. But they all come with a mute button that allows you to switch audio off.

Parking mode: a handy feature that you get in all Z-Edge dash cams is the G-sensor. It detects impacts and starts recording automatically even when your car and dash cam are turned off. So in case of any impact you will still get the footage and evidence.

Loop recording: when the storage is full, your Z-Edge will automatically overwrite the oldest unprotected files and replace them with the latest footage. That’s a very great method of file management.

Warranty: generally, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee when you purchase a Z-Edge dash cam. You also get an 18-month warranty for replacement of parts.

The best Z-Edge Dash Cam for 2017

With those great features, it should not come as a surprise that it is a Z-Edge Z3 dash cam that was voted as the best dash cam of 2016. With new and exciting models released this year, there’s every possibility that the best dash cam of 2017 will also be a Z-Edge. While that is amazing news, it also poses the challenge of having to choose one model over the other.

The exciting new models for this year include the:
• Z3 Plus (Z3P)
• S3
• S4

These are arguably the best of all releases. But which one will serve you best? It all depends on what you are looking for in a dash cam.

Single vs. dual channe;: of those three, only the Z3P is a single lens dash cam. The other two are dual (i.e. taxi cams that can record the front and back of your car).

So if you are rarely bothered by what’s happening at the back you could consider going for the Z3P. It is also very affordable.

Quality of footage: the Z3P and S4 record footage of up to 1440P while the S3 comes slightly short with 1080P.
So if you are looking for a dash cam with crispy clear videos you may want to choose between the Z3P and S4.

Angle of view: the Z3P comes atop again. Its 155-degree angle of view is slightly more than the 150 degrees that you get with the S3 and S4.
If you want a dash cam that can cover the widest area you may have to go with the Z3P.

Night vision: they all equipped with six glass lenses that offer superior night vision. So that’s a tie in this regard.

You may want to know that each of the three dash cams has a G-sensor for parking mode, uses loop recording, does audio recording, and is fitted with a HD LCD display. Regardless of the one you choose you will be guaranteed a great dash cam.