Are There Solar Panel Rebates And Subsidies In Australia

Going green is the newest way to save on taxes in many parts of the world, and this has recently been brought to light by news articles from the US. The net has become abuzz with news of United States politicians offering special rebates for those who choose to install solar panels on their homes as part of a major countrywide push towards a more Earth-friendly nation. It has many people wondering if there are solar system rebates and subsidies for home and business owners in Australia. Visit us at:

Good news, there are subsidies, rebates, and credits that Aussies can qualify for if they choose to install solar panels on their buildings. The Australian government has issued several amazing rebates that are designed to encourage people to switch to renewable sources of energy. Here are some of the most popular…

There are multiple home solar system rebates available. You might be able to get a huge discount on solar system installation on your home, or at least a very nice rebate, if you are under a certain income level. There are even off-grid solar system rebates for those who live in very remote corners of Australia. Residents of certain Aussie cities even get a special tax refund for their participation in solar panel programs!

Businesses benefit from special subsidies and rebates. If your business has a building, it’s time to install a solar system. Solar powered businesses can get everything from jaw dropping rebates, to tax refunds, money paid for electricity that is fed back into the grid, and REC’s. It could seriously save your company a lot of money!
Major solar operations can even get financing AND rebates. If you are looking for a commercial-scale solar system installation, you should look into some of the rebates that the Australian government can offer you. If the immediate discount from the rebate doesn’t make it affordable enough for you, don’t worry. The government also has rolled out several financing options that make it easier to get your panels.

If you generate more electricity than you use, you can get paid for it. Yes, the Australian government now offers homeowners and business owners the ability to profit from their solar system installation with feed-in tariffs. As long as you are thrifty with energy and your panels keep producing electricity, you will likely end up with a check.

The Australian government has never been more active in encouraging a new environmental trend. Getting solar can help your wallet, your taxes, and your peace of mind. Many of these rebate offers won’t be in existence in the next ten years. Why not take advantage of some of the excellent programs out there before it’s too late?