BMW 545i

After reading the website the owner of this fine gem decided to give us a call and see what we could do for it. car detailing Melbourne Upon first arrival I immediately noticed the paint was going to need some work. Someone at some point in time had spilled what looked to be wheel acid or something on the hood and another spot had scrub marks from what looked to be trying to get it out. The inside was nothing out of the norm for daily driving. It needed some attention but was over all still in real good shape.

So the first thing up was to give it a good bath and clay bar treatment to get a real good idea of what was going to be needed here. After a good wash and clay bar with the sun out it became evident that this car has seen its fair share of friction car wash (aka cloth wash) While it is convenient to use these services the damages it causes the paint can be outright horrific.

You can really see the good amount of swirling that will have to be corrected out now.

Next up it was time to bring into the bay and start taping it up for polishing. The good thing about BMW’s is there really aren’t any sharp edges to catch so very little worry about burning through the edges. However I hate cleaning polish out of cracks so I tape up the edges now to save me a lot of time on the back end with clean up. The BMW’s are also known for having pretty soft paint so it really shouldn’t be to hard to correct this with less aggressive steps. This is always a bonus as long as you know how to deal with BMW paints.

There was a pretty nasty gouge on the back bumper. After closer inspection there were a lot of RIDS (randomly induced deep scratches) so I decided to wetsand the entire plane to get a good level and make it shine.

Dirty exhaust tips are always unsightly.

After a proper treatment they look brand new again.

Next up was the Engine bay. Wasn’t in bad shape by any means but it didn’t look new either.

The Interior liks I said was in pretty good shape. But the leather needed cleaned and conditioned. While there were no stains present in the carpeting I extracted them anyways to get rid of any deep set in dirt.

The befores.

And the afters of the interiors.

After hours of polishing the paint back to a high gloss and 2 coats of DP’s Max Wax the shine really popped. I was able to get some really good reflection shots when the sun decided to pay us a visit.

I really loved working on this detail. The results came out very well. Again thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to give us a call to get your car looking this good.